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Hello there, welcome to my website!

I am Claudio, Finance Career Coach, ex-BNP Paribas and FTSE 100 Corporate Finance Manager.

I help Finance professionals change jobs, roles, or careers to maximize their fulfillment and earning potential.

✅Are you a Finance professional considering a career transition but don't know where to start?

✅Is your job search excruciatingly painful, but you don't know what's wrong with your job-hunting strategy?

I designed a masterclass to teach you how to find your next career step and make your transition 🎥 WATCH IT NOW!

Bespoke Career Coaching Program
I will bring over 2000 hours of experience helping Finance professionals with their career transitions. We will design your Bespoke Career Coaching Program together. No one size fits all!

Together, we will:
1. Map out the roles and careers that best suit your personality, goals, transferable skills, and salary requirements.
2. Build a Bespoke Career Strategy to chart your way from where you are to your new role or career.
3. Execute the strategy by working on a CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, networking skills, personal branding, job hunting techniques, behavioral & technical mock interviews, and salary negotiation.
4. Overcome your limiting beliefs and eliminate all the self-sabotaging behaviors hindering your career transition.
5. Job hunt together until you land the ideal job with unlimited sessions.


How I can help you

✅I am an ex-BNP Paribas and ex-FTSE 100 Corporate Finance Manager. I had a stellar career in Finance in London with several promotions.
✅I spent 10 years in the ultra-competitive London job market, so I have firsthand experienced both sides of the table. I know how hiring managers think, what they look for, and how to sell yourself.
✅I am an ICF-qualified Coach with 2000+ coaching hours spent exclusively with Finance professionals worldwide. This gives me a wealth of contacts and information I happily share with my clients.


💡 Specialties: Finance Career Coach, Career Coach for Finance Professionals, Finance Industry Career Coach, Career Guidance, Finance Mentor, Advisor, Counselor, Job Search Coach, Investment Banking, London.

What clients say about me
With each new session that I attended, I grew in confidence and took the leap to quit. I am now Co-founder and CFO of a company that is growing exponentially. I wake up every morning wanting to go to work and the anxiety has melted away – even given the increased responsibility. I feel that I have ownership over my life again."
Jarryd Brad Faiers, ex-M&A Investment Banking Analyst at UBS
His program has helped me succeed in getting a position in a FTSE pharmaceutical company in the UK. His previous experience provides him with the wisdom of knowing what is happening to you when joining the program."
Juan Martin, Ex-Financial Risk Manager at IAG (British Airways' owner)
I got a job which fits me better in less than 6 months. I think it is very important during the times of change to have someone who will support you, with whom you can share and discuss what bothers you and who can help you to get an organized approach and dedication to your career plan."
Anastasia Novokreshchenova, Manager, Banking & Financial Services at Cogniz
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